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The Post No One Reads

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99.9999% of all inaugural blog posts go unread [citation needed]. Yet, there must be a first. So here is my hello world post.

Hello. I’m Edin. And it was lo these many 4 years ago at this very hour at this very minute that I and my relaxed hair parted ways forever. I was happy to be moving on. It just lay there at my feet sad and dejected.

Did I mention I love humor and natural hair? Well, I’ve created this space to say things about the latter through the former.

The end.

Questions? See the About page. Comments? Leave them below.


Author: pursuitofnatural

I'm a natural black chick in the USA who loves to laugh, write, and help others. So, I created The Pursuit of Natural, a blog on the hijinks, lowjinks, and lessons learned from going natural

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