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The Music is Good Too

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Black Mona Lisa


But her hair, y’all! I gotta say, so far, my favorite part about Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” is this eleven-minute behind the scenes video.

That. Fro. All of the vibes, right there.The b-roll footage is excellent in a beautifully mundane sort of way. You know how you’ve seen countless videos with lots of cityscape or beachfront shots, and a blond chick with wind-tousled hair or a boho-chic hat takes it all in at a sunset campfire, or on a rooftop, or in the passenger seat on Route 66?  I imagine there are many people who find that both visually pleasing and relatable.

This is that, but through the lens of a creative Black woman from the South, and it is evocative (nostalgic, familiar, emotive–I could go on), especially if you happen to be any one of those or all. It felt inviting, and that makes sense given the title of the album.

And the music is good, too. 🙂 Hit the comments to discuss.




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