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When To Baggie



Shout out to OlenaRosanne, who once called deep conditioning under a headwrap going “undercover”. Loved it! She keeps it real.

Does This Thing Really Work?

If you just want a light spa treatment for your hair, then yes. It works. It’s basic science, aka, the greenhouse effect.

As a regular moisturizing routine, I found it unnecessary. Proper application of water plus my products on wash day and during the week were sufficient for me. But there are times when I can’t do a proper application, because I can’t get to all my strands. That’s when I break out the shower cap.

So When Do You Baggie?

The baggy method is useful primarily when I am in a protective style—cornrows, twists, etc.—and slathering leave-in and oil on top goes nowhere. My morning procedure is to mist with water and press that in, then spray a liquefied mix of leave-in + oil, massage it in, and put on a shower cap for at least fifteen minutes. Sometimes, I leave it on longer as I forget I have it on multitask. This relative humidity ensures moisture makes it underneath my braids and to the roots.

Y’all know added moisture makes hair want to shrink up, and in a protective style that means frizz. To prevent that, I wear a “stocking cap” either before I wear a shower cap or after I take it off, and while my hair dries. To prevent my cap from prematurely robbing my hair of any moisture—remember, my hair is only damp, not drenched—I spritz the cap with water, too.

I’d do it again before bed, if I felt like it needed to. But my days of marinating overnight are long gone. I need my sleep.



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