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Cleaning Up My Kitchen

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Don’t ask…:/


I used to shave my nape hairs clean on the regular. Then before I knew it them beady-beads started popping up again, lickety-split. Brushing them up only lasted a hot minute before they curled up again, because that’s what short curly hair does. And gel? I’ve already laid that to rest here.

Then I learned my kitchen was much easier to manipulate when I let it grow out. The longer those strands were, the longer it took for them to curl up again. So, I stopped maintaining a clean line back there and let it do it’s thing. My kitchen isn’t exposed that often these days, but when it is, a quick misting with water and brush up is all it takes. If I feel like it, a tie-down with a scarf.

The only place that bugs me are the hairs venturing to sides of my neck. (Like, really, hair? Por qué?) I might buzz them. I might wait and see. Otherwise, I don’t find my kitchen to be an eyesore anymore, in need of constant grooming.


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I'm a natural black chick in the USA who loves to laugh, write, and help others. So, I created The Pursuit of Natural, a blog on the hijinks, lowjinks, and lessons learned from going natural

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