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Keeping a Style & Regimen Journal



What goes into a style & regimen journal, and why would you want to bother? Keep reading to find out.

Sometimes it will seem like your natural hair has a life of its own, even though it is dead. One of the most important tasks of wearing natural hair is paying attention to how the things you do affect it. It becomes second nature the longer you’ve been in the game and as your regimen stabilizes. But when I started out, keeping a journal was a great way to keep track of my ever-evolving  techniques and styles, and why my hair didn’t look like her hair did in that one video. It’s how I figured out my hair hates glycerin.

Here are some things I kept track of:

  • Process for cleaning & conditioning hair
  • How I set my hair after that
  • When and how I detangled
  • Styles worn: installation, setting, takedown
  • Anytime I tried new things or changed my regimen
  • Any products used in all of the above
  • How long each step in my regimen took
  • What my hair looked and felt like

You can be as brief or detailed as you see fit. With a journal, it’s easy to spot any problem products or quickly reference successful styles and techniques. Especially if you’re busy and forgetful, a journal helps keep you on your game, reminding you when you last deep conditioned, or trimmed, (or washed your hair. *cough*)

Do you take notes on your styles or regimen? Share in the comments below.

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I'm a natural black chick in the USA who loves to laugh, write, and help others. So, I created The Pursuit of Natural, a blog on the hijinks, lowjinks, and lessons learned from going natural

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