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Bunning with NaturalMe4C



NaturalMe4c, food.com


In my defense, I had never worn a bun in my life, prior to going natural.

Also, me and my baby fro really had no business, at that length, queuing up a bunch of how-to-bun videos on YouTube. But, what appealed to me about NaturalMe4C’s technique was that she didn’t have long wraparound hair at the time either. She achieved “bun-like” greatness simply by arranging, tucking, and pinning, as opposed to shoving and cramming the hair in place. (My fragile ends cringe watching videos like the latter.)



My first attempt looked flat and wide, pictured right at the top. A couple more tries (and a couple more inches to work with) and I had mastered my bun with two extra tricks:

1. After gathering all my hair in position, I twisted the last inch or so of my ends together, forming several workable sections and securing any shorter hairs.

2. I laid each section in an overlapping spiral, rather than going in different directions, as in the demo.



Obviously, the more length you have the closer you can gather your hair, and the fuller it looks. Working with the volume of natural hair means you don’t really need a pre-formed bun donut, but I tried it in combination and it works as well.

Today, I can get away with a lot less tucking and pinning, and a lot more wrapping into the “classic” bun shape, but if you are a natural bunning novice, this technique might be easier and less stressful for you and your hair. It just might become your go-to protective style when you’re short on time and don’t want your ends to suffer the consequences of neglect.


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I'm an illustrator! The Pursuit of Natural started as a blog on the hijinks, lowjinks, and lessons learned from going natural, and it's my home base for all things art, natural hair, and more.

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