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4.5 Years Later

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My fro. They grow up so fast!


Last year, I got on the coconut oil truth train and was ready to testify to every natural I encountered. This year I’m backing off of it (too much build up as a sealant, for me, and I found a more efficient detangler.) Last year, I couldn’t get enough of my mini twists. This year, I’m learning and falling in love with a different protective style.

Over the course of our natural hair journeys, we find our methods, goals, & style choices change with our hair. I’m 4.5 years in and I’m doing so many things differently from last year, leave aside when I first started.

Length retention has risen and fallen as a priority over the journey, and now it’s back on top again. So, most of the things I’m doing differently this year I’m doing them with that goal in mind. I enjoyed my length with a bunch of out styles last year and that has consequences. To recoup, I usually go into a protective style phase. My options thus far have been mini twists–loved the month long hair vaycay, but was less than enthused about the hours of installation and takedown–or weekly styles that are quick and easy but are prone to shrinkage and my roots stiffening.

I need something in between, so now I’m determined to learn to cornrow (shout out to savvyzone for putting me on to Breanna Rutter.) They look dope, can be styled a million ways, last longer than a week, and are better at keeping the hair stretched.

Beyond styles, there’s my hair health and moisture levels. That mid-week re-moisturizing keeps eluding me. I can do better, and with protective styling, it only takes five minutes to baggy and go as needed.

The overall manageability of my hair has improved with search & destroy missions, and I’ll continue to reinforce the good habit of consistently snipping my knots & split ends, but I need to reintroduce an overall trim. This is primarily to rein in split ends. The suckers have proven hard to detect during my routine search and have therefore proliferated, especially and probably exclusively in the loose texture of my crown area.

Finally, I’m researching a good deep conditioner and protein treatment regimen. Excess breakage is rearing its ugly head and I’d like to nip it in the bud. I’m leaning towards DIY but would be happy to buy a product that will give me lots of bang for my bucks. If the spirit moves you, share your DC and protein treatment recommendations in the comments.


How has your style and hair care regimen changed since last year? Since you first went natural? What are some mainstay products and techniques you vouch for? Comment below, and if you’re enjoying The Pursuit, please like, share, and follow.



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I'm a natural black chick in the USA who loves to laugh, write, and help others. So, I created The Pursuit of Natural, a blog on the hijinks, lowjinks, and lessons learned from going natural

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