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Everybody Goes Natural in the Zombie Apocalypse






Sasha / Sonequa Martin-Green (source: amc.com)


Michonne is a badass, but it takes a tough woman to brave the inevitable detangling sessions of wearing free natural hair at the end of the world. Do you think they have vegetable oil in Alexandria, let alone coconut oil?

We saw how Sasha tried to wear her fro in the beginning, trying to look cute in her low puffs and high puffs, knowing good and well that Southern heat and humidity would sabotage her with a quickness. Who among us hasn’t said “Screw it! I’m enjoying my length!” when we knew better?


But when it got down to business, our girl Sasha was not messing around. Same protective style. Every day. And she rocked it every single time. Such elegance and efficiency in its simplicity. Look how even the end of her braid is tucked in! Length retention game on point.

Sasha was the real one. You know, the one we’d really be in the zombie apocalypse. Maybe not the baddest chick on the block, maybe not the most stoic mentally either, but smart, dependable when we got our ish together, and deadly proficient when we set our mind to something. Maybe we’d crack under the mounting traumas once in a while and allow the flood of suppressed emotions to carry us towards our doom, but even in the darkness, we’d find the music to guide us forward.

Sasha lived, laughed, loved, and slayed for five seasons of The Walking Dead, frizzy edges and all.


Sonequa Martin-Green (source: saintheron.com)




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6 thoughts on “Everybody Goes Natural in the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Hi how you you get rid of blad spot in natural hair?


    • It depends on what caused it. Tension? Abrasion? Medical condition? And how long has it been there (getting worse? getting better?)

      You would need to review what your hair care practices have been to find out, and/or see a medical specialist if it is really concerning.

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      • Ok my mom is having the problem but she thinks she can fix it on her own anyway thank you


      • I see. The first and easiest step is to try to stop doing damage. No-tension styles, no scratching or harsh chemicals. No abrasive tools or adornments(even bobby pins rubbing against a sensitive scalp can become a problem, because you react to irritation with more scratching). This will at the very least help narrow down the cause, whether it is external or internal. I know several naturals on youtube have had issues with iron deficiency, but product/supplement recommendations will be hit and miss for your mom, and probably a waste of money, if the cause is unknown.

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      • True thanks I sure will past on this information

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  2. Reblogged this on WHETSTONE and commented:
    As a hyper-critical TWD fan (but only of the show) who was often frustrated with the writing and Sasha’s character, Edin’s post wonderfully shed depth-revealing light on Sasha’s character for me.

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