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That Time I Used Body Wash on My Hair



Girl, what? What had happened was…

I had my protective style take down all planned out: replenish my product stash as I was running low on everything, detangle, prepoo overnight, and then the next day wash and set.

So, I take out my protective style, douse my hair in coconut oil, detangle, and sleep in a shower cap. Next day, I get an early start, hop in the shower and WHERE THE HECK IS MY SHAMPOO?!

I didn’t buy any. Got all the extra ingredients that went into that DIY deep conditioner but totally and completely forgot to buy shampoo. I’m standing in the shower wondering what I’m going to do with a head full of coconut oil–that stuff won’t come out with conditioner. Sometimes it even takes a second wash to get rid of all the build up.

I stared at my body wash.

And stared.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I’d go HAM with my regular conditioner afterwards, just to be safe.

Yoooo. My hair has never been so furious with me. It was so stripped. So rough. No amount of conditioner could’ve appeased my fro. It took two weeks to fully recover.

I stock up on conditioner and shampoo now.

The end.


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Author: pursuitofnatural

I'm an illustrator! The Pursuit of Natural started as a blog on the hijinks, lowjinks, and lessons learned from going natural, and it's my home base for all things art, natural hair, and more.

14 thoughts on “That Time I Used Body Wash on My Hair

  1. I did a DIY banana and honey hair mask but didn’t blend up the bananas as much as I should’ve. I washed out the mask and there were little banana pieces all throughout my hair!!! I was tripping because I didn’t know how to get it out and I know washing it again wouldn’t really help. Then my hubby said “why don’t you just comb it out?” And I’m like hmm lemme try it and it actually did work! I had to go section by section combing out all the banana pieces! I will never do hair mask with bananas again!

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  2. Giiiirl let me tell you..lol. Ok so I thought I was going to have the best hair ever by doing a deep conditioner with yogurt, banana, and honey. So apparently I did not mix well enough. It took like 4 washes and brushing through my hair for what seemed like forever to get the banana chunks out my hair. I was seriously panicking. Never again!😂

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  3. Yikes! Sorry about that, hope your hair has forgiven you haha. I had a bad experience with an egg mix deep conditioning I once did for my hair. It smelled…bad…

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    • I can imagine! I’ve even heard rumors of egg mixes “cooking” under hot water leaving solid pieces behind. 😬

      The only DIY deep conditioner I’ve tried wasn’t too bad, but I swear that honey gave a slight brown tint to my hair. I haven’t tried it again for fear of having to grow out a bad dye job.


  4. I use ACV as my regular detangler and I haven’t noticed any problems. You must always dilute it. I use 1 tablespoon to 8 ounces of water, as recommended by nappyheadedjojoba on YouTube.

    As a clarifier, I’ve only used it once or twice and it didn’t really do the job for me. I’ve got to use shampoo.

    I haven’t tried mayonnaise. Is it for deep conditioning or as a protein treatment?


  5. This reminded me ever so vividly of the time my mom did the same thing, but for different reasons. I help take care of her hair and I was waiting for her to be done in the shower bc we prefer to wash our hair at the sink? I come back and she tells me she used BUBBLE BATH SOAP to wash her hair…. when i tell you her hair felt like a brillow pad………….

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    • Not the bubble bath! How did you manage to restore her tresses? I tried to get my mom using better products for her hair but she ain’t got no time for it, lol.

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      • I was hesitant but I ended up following up with a shampoo which, in my head, felt like using a cleanser on top of a cleanser… But I used that Palmer’s Coconut Oil shampoo something (i can’t remember the name of it) and followed up with a nice, long, neeeeded deep conditioner. Fortunately, her hair really likes some of the DC’s that my hair didn’t get along with too well and her hair softened and curled up like it’s supposed to. But im sure she was annoyed with me afterwards bc i scolded her so much for doing that lol

        & My mom was like that too but I basically had to goad her into it by means of show n tell essentially: “this is what your current product does. Now this is what better products could have you lookin like. ba-BAM” and then she was convinced lmao

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      • That’s love right there–the care, patience, and scolding. Momma’s natural hair is in good hands.

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