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Coconut Oil




Errbody and they mama were singing the praises of coconut oil. Meanwhile, I’m checking the price tag (you know Organic ain’t cheap.) Five bucks wasn’t much, but would it last through all the prepooing, oil sealing, and DIY deep conditioning? I decided to give it a go to see if it proved more protective for my ends and the integrity of my strands.

I slapped it on. Every time I remoisturized I oiled up. Then came wash day. I still found the stuff clinging to my ends. You know, the ones I dabbed with coconut oil for a little extra TLC. It was just sitting there not penetrated into the hair strands.

Clearly, I’d overdone it and had to scale way back. I recommend looking through some of NappyFu’s videos for your coconut oil and natural hair education and tips. Y’all, she breaks it all the way down. I definitely could’ve benefited from these videos at the time.

These days, I only use coconut oil occasionally and lightly. Once a week, if at all. I also mix it with my regular oil (pretty sure that was a NappyFu tip), which works just as well by itself and my hair is doing okay. I used coconut oil to detangle and prepoo after a month long protective style, and I will again if I ever return to that style. It works wonders on matting and complex tangles.

But for everyday use, I stick with my tried and true regular degular oil. Coconut oil builds up too fast. It may melt in my hands but it re-solidifies on my hair.  Like grease, I found it attracted dirt and trapped odor. That being the case, I also wouldn’t apply coconut oil to a long-term protective style. It’s hard enough to get rid of buildup locked into braids or twists, let alone buildup as water resistant as coconut oil.

Rather, regular use of coconut oil is probably most effective for those who wash more than once a week. Frequent washing could mitigate buildup and this oil will mitigate hygral fatigue.

So, that’s my experience with coconut oil so far. It’s good used sparingly and on occasion, amazing for detangling, and probably best for regimens that include frequent washing.

What’s your experience with coconut oil? Share in the comments. And if you’re a fan of The Pursuit, like this post, subscribe, and follow me on my other platforms. Links in the sidebar.

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4 thoughts on “Coconut Oil

  1. I actually remember the craze that was coconut oil like a couple of winters back, where everyone swore by it. I gave it a shot last year winter & lets just say not anymore. I bought a big tub from Walmart & the only people that benefited from that was my sister & mom. I thought I was coo coo for not digging coconut oil but my hair didn’t care at all!

    Great thing is, afterwards I found my baby EVOO & I’ve lived happily ever after ever since hahaha

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    • Thanks for reading! Yes, everyone’s hair responds differently. I’ve been using Hot Six Oil for years now. Any brand recommendations for EVOO? I’m sure I tried it once but I don’t remember where I got it or whether it was legit EVOO.

      On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 7:25 PM, Pursuit of Natural wrote:



  2. OMG So I’m just seeing this (Idk why wordpress didn’t notify me) but the only evoo brand I use is Giant’s brand (the supermarket). I tried another that was supposed to be great but I hated it. I use the one that’s for salad dressing. I think there’s a clear picture of it on my DIY conditioner post.

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