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REBLOG: World Mental Health Day 2017 — OlenaRosanne


Yesterday was world mental health day, and OlenaRosanne wrote a wonderful post on the topic reminding me that the struggle is not always visible or obvious, and that’s why mindfulness of your own well being and others is so important. Please do check out her site for more.


Today is World Mental Health Day 2017. If you haven’t thought about the importance of your own mental health, or of others, today is the day to take time out and do so. Many of us have seen that random person on the street talking to themselves or heard about the person who committed some…

via World Mental Health Day 2017 — OlenaRosanne


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I'm a natural black chick in the USA who loves to laugh, write, and help others. So, I created The Pursuit of Natural, a blog on the hijinks, lowjinks, and lessons learned from going natural

2 thoughts on “REBLOG: World Mental Health Day 2017 — OlenaRosanne

  1. Wow Edin, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you so much for your ongoing support! It means more than you know!😘

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