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Kindergarten Hair Disaster

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Bad Hair Day

My kindergarten teacher said it looked cute. It did not. Everyone else thought it was funny. I showed up at school with half my hair in one of those bobble hair ties and the other half was a free, bushy mess. Imagine seeing a kid like that. You’d wonder how she managed to leave the house that way.

How I Managed to Leave the House That Way

Five kids and one bathroom. I got lost in all the chaos and when it seemed time was running out, I had to take matters into my own hands. I never did my own hair, but how hard could it be to create two pigtails?


You have to hold all that hair in one tiny hand and somehow twist the bobbly thing round and round with the other hand. Being left handed, I just barely managed the left side, resulting in the saddest, loosely tied pigtail you ever saw. I could not get my hands to work properly on the right side.

Out the door, we all went, and we piled into the car. And nobody noticed your girl looked like she’d been fighting somebody!

But seriously, shout out to my mom for holding down the fort with so many mouths to feed and shenanigans to deal with. It was the only time that happened. Me? I’d probably forget a child at home at least once a week.

How was your hair usually styled as a child, and who styled it? I’d love to read your comments. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! You can also follow me on my other platforms. Links in the sidebar.

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