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Taking a Holiday from Your Natural Hair



A Break from the Routine

Whether you’re frustrated with your natural hair journey, or you just find yourself too busy too keep up with your regular hair care routine, taking a break from your hair every now and then can be good for you and it.

Before you decide how to put your hair away, determine why you want to. Is it for recoup from damage or length retention, added protection from this colder, drier weather, or just to reduce the time it takes to style every day?

The answer will help you decide whether to tuck your ends or leave them accessible, wear a wig or install individual added hair–or, yes, even do another big chop!

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Aim to Reduce Stress

Once you’ve settled on your style, you need to prep your hair for the break and not set it up for breakage. That means cleansing, deep conditioning, thorough detangling, and a generous application of nourishing products. Your hair should be in the best possible state going in because you won’t have unfettered access to it for a month or longer. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t go beyond 4 weeks because any longer and I’m asking for trouble.)

As AfrikanHairGod said, “What’s the point of protecting your hair if you’re damaging your hair to protect it?” Taking a break doesn’t mean slacking off caring for your hair. You still need to moisturize regularly, so consider a style that allows access to your thirstier areas. If you have fine hair or experience breakage easily, don’t wear a style that causes stress or tension, and avoid styles that require overmanipulation to install and remove.

Some of the gentlest vacation styles, I’ve found, are regular twists, flat twists, and large cornrows. They don’t last as long as smaller, tighter versions but that’s a choice you’ll have to make in the best interest of your hair health. Here’s my article on the pros and cons of different protective styles.


How is your natural hair journey going? Do you need a holiday from your hair? Share below in the comments. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. You can also follow me on my other platforms via the sidebar.


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  1. My holiday was doing a big chop all over.

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