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How To Bandana with Natural Hair

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GIF of bandana styles on natural hair

Natural Hair and Bandanas

Yes, the cotton kind. Girl, I know, but I love my bandanas! If you’ve got a square satin scarf, by all means use that. Read on to learn five ways I style my natural hair with a bandana.

Long Tail

Fold one corner down about halfway or less. Place the fold on your hairline. This is good for protecting longer hair.

Short Tail

Fold the bandana in half. When I’m wearing a style that’s got volume in the back, as with two low puffs, a short tail bandana accommodates it.

infographic illustration of bandana styles

Reverse Tail

It’s the same as a long tail fold, except you place the fold on the nape of your neck. Tuck the tail in front and tie it down. This I use mostly when setting my hair in a bulky state, such as in bantu knots. Fluffing the ruffles this tie creates helps to conceal the lumpiness on top.

Wide band

Fold opposite corners just past halfway. I use it to spice up a boring bun, pineapple at night, accentuate a high puff, or to cover up them beady beads!

Narrow Band

It’s a wide band folded in half. I use it to add some color to my fro and as product-free “edge control”.

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