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seeking perfection as a self taught artist

Art Better: Perfection and the Self-Taught Artist

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seeking perfection as a self taught artist

As a self-taught artist trying to perfect a piece of art, a certain technique, or a different medium sometimes comes from a place of insecurity. When that is the case, it can often lead to getting stuck in a rut and burning out. To develop as an artist, you need to produce more complete works than incomplete ones. That means doing your best, letting the piece stand, and improving on any flaws in the next piece. Here are some tips to help you produce without worrying about being perfect.

Create a Project

Personal projects can motivate you towards a finish line. When you have a set number of pieces to create in a defined timeframe, you’ll have to be more decisive about how much time you spend on each piece and when they are “ready”. You’ll find yourself moving between various tasks which keeps you from obsessing over any one in particular.

Share Your Work

There’s something to be said about the mass-consumption of platforms like Instagram, and how they de-emphasize the “preciousness” of your work. Sharing your work regularly allows you to release some of the emotional attachment and fear you might be fostering if you are seeking perfection. You post it, it gets a few likes, the world spins on. And no one even notices all the flaws that seem glaring to you.

If you’re trying to get over the fear that your work is embarrassingly bad, share it and dispel the myth that it must be perfect to be any good.

Incorporate Your Art into Your Other Work

You may have noticed I create artwork for all my blog posts. This was an intentional thing. It counts as an on-going project and it counts as sharing my work publicly. Incorporating my art into my blogging allowed me to create with purpose and not with perfection in mind. Having art that is relevant, that illustrates my words, and is done on time is more important than making each piece absolutely perfect.

Art can be incorporated anywhere—gifts, invitations, newsletters, memes, even creating mobile apps and games, if that’s your thing. When art is part of a larger work, it’s hard for its perceived flaws to be blown out of proportion to its purpose. It’s easier to keep your perspective and just do your very best.

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