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Liebster Award #4


Thanks goes to SAVVYZONE for this nomination! She blogs about skin care, natural hair care, make up and more. I’m a big fan of her natural hair articles as they are always thorough and educational. Do check out her site!

We all know the drill, so let’s get into it.

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Dear Newly Natural Me: Information Overload is a Thing


Did you know I wrote a whole series for new naturals over on MyYeka.com? It’s in my sidebar and everything. Just in case you’re a regular reader here but had no idea I’m over there, too, I’ll be resharing all of the articles.

Information Overload is a Thing


Dear Newly Natural Me,

Ph balance, cuticles, shed hair versus broken hair, hygral fatigue–girl, if you don’t turn off your phone and go to bed you’re going to be fatigued all day. You’ve got one inch of hair and more information than you know what to do with it.

I know. You just found this other naturalista and she’s got a whole series on this other technique/style/product line that might be vital to the success of your natural hair journey. Plus she’s funny and photogenic! How photogenic do you think you’ll be on three hours of sleep?

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REBLOG: Top Tips for Natural Hair Wash Routine Made Easier – by SAVVYZONE

Saavyzone’s blog is chock full of great articles like this one. Tips, tools, product and routine breakdowns–she’s got you covered. I really like how clear and concise her articles are, and I always learn something useful.  Follow the link to check out her site!


Once you have established what day your (hair) wash routine will be on, there are some good effective practices to include in your routine that will further boost your natural hair health. So to reap further benefits for your hair, it is essential to keep an arsenal of reliable hair tools, and products which could consist […]

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Illustration and Blogging Survey Results

pursuitofnatural survey image

Purpose of the Survey

Earlier this month I concluded my survey on the role of art and illustration in blogging. I started with the idea of creating a collection of illustrations for natural hair bloggers but was curious to know what my fellow bloggers thought of the idea–how did they use art, what kind of art, and why?

Twenty people participated over the course of a month. (Thank you!) The responses have given me new insights to my audience and renewed excitement to see how this project develops. Below are some of the results along with my thoughts, so far. Or you can visit surveymonkey to dig into the numbers yourself.

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Thank You: 100 Followers


Thank You 100 Followers

This one just snuck up on me. It wasn’t that long ago I did my last follower appreciation post, and earlier this month WordPress notified me that I reached 100 followers.

If you are one of the people that made this happen, thank you! We all know how it gets with blogging–you can sometimes feel like a lost signal in a sea of noise. But it is a good feeling to know that in some small measure your signal was received. A single subscriber,  a single comment, and even a single like can be gratifying.

I’m especially grateful for everyone who enjoyed my content enough to share it on other platforms and to those who took the recent survey on illustration and blogging.

The Shoutouts

And now the best part! A very special thanks to the subscribers featured above. Each of them have received full-sized portraits. I admire their depth, intelligence, wit and honesty, and they have all encouraged me to see the beauty in my individuality.

Please check out their sites and follow them on their social media platforms for content on writing, editing, mental health, photography, poetry, and of course natural hair.

If you’re a fan of The Pursuit, make it official and subscribe!  Comment, like this post, and share. You can also follow me on my other platforms. Links in the sidebar.