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Just a quick one to let y’all know over on my Etsy shop Instagram, I’m doing a little end of the year giveaway of exclusive handmade face mask bundles. 3 prizes, 3 winners. Only 4 days left to enter, U.S. only. Head over to my Etsy shop Instagram, PON Handcrafts, for the details! Don’t forget to share this post and let others know. ❤️

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In my defense, I had never worn a bun in my life, prior to going natural. Also, me and my baby fro really had no business, at that length, queuing up a bunch of how-to-bun videos on YouTube. But, what appealed to me about NaturalMe4C’s technique was that she didn’t have long wraparound hair at […]

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So, I recently discovered my ends covered in product buildup, which is highly unusual. When I identified the issue, it turned out to be a combination of being heavy handed with a new, heavier product and exercising more, which meant my usual wash regimen was not keeping up. Sometimes the problem is that I’m […]

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I can’t really speak to the pros and cons of protective styles with added hair. The last time I had extension braids in, I was the new girl in 3rd grade. So, here I’m addressing protective styles with just my own natural hair. And I’ve done twists (chunky, regular, mini), cornrows, and flat twists. But which […]

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This week’s throwback is to one of my very first blogger awards! Since then, my art has become my main pursuit and my music has become a welcome hobby. ¡Todavía estoy aprendo español!

Three Things About Me:

  1. I hate bananas–the cold mushy texture, the afterthought of a flavor. I rebuke it. Give me fried plantain any day! I can’t remember ever liking bananas, but I do remember many a standoff as a child refusing to eat my “fruits”.
  2. I’m an aspiring music producer. I’ve had an on-again off-again love affair with the piano since preschool. Today, I’m pursuing a career in music production.
  3. “I’m currently learning Spanish”…has been a perennial saying of mine for the past two years.

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Stock Art – June 2018


Quick announcement: A brand new set is up on the stock art page! Avant Ava is all about color–watercolor to be precise–creativity, and inspiration.

Head over and check it out. All artwork on the page is free to use!

Also read: my previous post explaining the stock art project.


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