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ICYMI – May 2018


Not every subscriber clicks through every email notification, and not everyone who reads Pursuit of Natural is subscribed. So, I thought I’d start a monthly roundup of the goings-on here at Pursuit of Natural, for your convenience, as well as what’s popping in my corner of the internet.

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PoN: Stock Art


Hi all! Today’s the day I start rolling out my stock art collection! Last year, I asked fellow bloggers to share their thoughts on the role of illustration in blogging. This year, I took all the responses and started working on an initial collection.

Follow the link to visit my stock art page. And make sure you subscribe to this blog to receive notifications of new additions.

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Illustration and Blogging Survey Results

pursuitofnatural survey image

Purpose of the Survey

Earlier this month I concluded my survey on the role of art and illustration in blogging. I started with the idea of creating a collection of illustrations for natural hair bloggers but was curious to know what my fellow bloggers thought of the idea–how did they use art, what kind of art, and why?

Twenty people participated over the course of a month. (Thank you!) The responses have given me new insights to my audience and renewed excitement to see how this project develops. Below are some of the results along with my thoughts, so far. Or you can visit surveymonkey to dig into the numbers yourself.

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Thank You: 100 Followers


Thank You 100 Followers

This one just snuck up on me. It wasn’t that long ago I did my last follower appreciation post, and earlier this month WordPress notified me that I reached 100 followers.

If you are one of the people that made this happen, thank you! We all know how it gets with blogging–you can sometimes feel like a lost signal in a sea of noise. But it is a good feeling to know that in some small measure your signal was received. A single subscriber,  a single comment, and even a single like can be gratifying.

I’m especially grateful for everyone who enjoyed my content enough to share it on other platforms and to those who took the recent survey on illustration and blogging.

The Shoutouts

And now the best part! A very special thanks to the subscribers featured above. Each of them have received full-sized portraits. I admire their depth, intelligence, wit and honesty, and they have all encouraged me to see the beauty in my individuality.

Please check out their sites and follow them on their social media platforms for content on writing, editing, mental health, photography, poetry, and of course natural hair.

If you’re a fan of The Pursuit, make it official and subscribe!  Comment, like this post, and share. You can also follow me on my other platforms. Links in the sidebar.


REBLOG: December Blog Challenge – Yeka

Yeka is one of my favorite bloggers, because she works hard at creating content and supporting other bloggers. She’s doing a month long blog post challenge. Props to her because it isn’t easy. Head over to see what she’ll be writing about this month and show her some love.

What better way to kiss 2017’s butt out than to reminisce on the amazing and not so amazing things that happened. This way we welcome the new year with a big heart ready to fill up with greater things than our expectations. This Blog Challenge is all of that. […]

via December Blog Challenge|Yeka — YeKa

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REBLOG: Use What Ya Got – Rowana Abbensetts

I very much relate to this post on building your latent skillsets and having them come together to create opportunity and positive change. It’s always an encouragement to see a lot of us making moves and seeing growth. Rowana was one of the first people I started following for self care and wellness and in that time she has created a magazine, had meetups, and professional collaborations–oh and she wrote a book. Click over to read the whole thing.

2017 has been good to me as an entrepreneur. I have had the opportunity to unlock new skills through quite a few amazing professional experiences. My favorite highlights would be meeting readers at the Spoken Black Girl Launch Party, doing PR and media coverage for the Miss Black USA Pageant, and representing SBG at my local health fair. I am grateful to the many venues and organizers who invited me to speak about mental health and self-care. It has been a year of service and transformation.

via Use What Ya Got: My Top 3 Self-Taught Skills for 2017