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The PON Gallery: Proud Afro

I got inspired by the color palette of the movie poster for Proud Mary. Art can be found anywhere–including on your mobile device or desktop! So download these wallpapers and enjoy.

Proud Afro

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The PON Gallery: Flourish

Remember to stay hydrated out there, and grab this cool wallpaper for your desktop and phone.



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The PON Gallery: Hands

Does doing your hair count as exercise? It probably should! Enjoy this colorful wallpaper on your desktop or phone, while you do your hair yoga. Click through the images to download and save.



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The PON Gallery: New Growth

It’s fitting that “New Growth” is the inaugural piece for the PON gallery. As you can see, there’ve been some changes and additions here at The Pursuit.

Here’s another one: Original black and brown girl inspired art for your mobile device or desktop. Wallpapers will come in two versions, 1080 x 1920 (tall) and 1920 x 1080 (wide), and you’ll find all new additions via the Gallery tab up top. So, check back often!

New Growth

Click through the images below. In the new window, just right-click, save, and enjoy!

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