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Living in Kimmaytube’s 10 Twist Bun

After seven years with natural hair, there’s not much to say about my hair care. And I love that stability, because it means most of what I’m doing is working for my lifestyle. But here I am, so what’s new?

Well, one fine spring not long ago it was time to ditch my cornrows and winter hats. I also happened to be Going Through It that year, and I wouldn’t have the time or patience to devote a lot of attention to a more involved regimen. I needed a protective style that was low maintenance, low manipulation, easy to remoisturize, detangle, and freshen up–and it had to look stylish, too.

The most recent addition to my roster of signature styles that’s been working for me is Kimmaytube’s 10 twist bun. It’s been almost 2 years living in these twists–11 twists, for me. Here’s my experience.

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I Only Have Questions

Image: H&M

On socia media, we’re talking about the images that have been circulating of this little girl’s natural 4c hair. She’s a model in an H&M campaign which featured kids of all races with disheveled after school hair.

For a full explainer, I favor this article by Ashley Reese of Jezebel

I find the conversation fascinating. But I still have questions.

Are we saying it’s fine for this child to wear her natural 4c hair like this in public?

Or are we saying it’s fine, for now?

Are we telling her that it’s fine because there’s nothing wrong with her 4c hair and the way it looks?

Or are we telling her it’s fine because she’s a child, and because she’s a child who has just come from school?

And so does it go without saying that 4c hair that is not perfectly groomed, just like any other hair type, is nothing for her to be ashamed of?

Or is the implication that this is generally not the norm, and her hair as it appears in this specific context is the exception?

I wonder, on whose head and under what circumstance is hair just like this little girl’s hair fair game for denigration?


Criss-cross Finger Detangling

What is Criss-cross Finger Detangling?

Criss-cross finger detangling is a method I’ve been using for years now. It’s faster, for me, and easier.

I’ve written about it before, but I created this infographic to show how it’s done. You can read more details about the technique in my previous posts:

I’ve been away from blogging for a while, but I just wanted to quickly pop in and say Hey! How y’all doing? What’s new? What’s on your mind?

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Dear Newly Natural Me: Can’t Nobody Tell You Nothing



Dear Newly Natural Me,

Don’t shave your head bald. I know it hurts for family to be so constantly disparaging of your choice to go natural, but your hair is not the problem. Getting rid of it will solve nothing. Deep down, you know that. You know it because you’ve read the testimonies of other naturals, the history, the basic psychology behind this kneejerk repulsion to your kinks and coils. And I know it is an entirely different thing to read about it than to face it.

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Dear Newly Natural Me: Don’t Listen to Evil Kermit



Dear Newly Natural Me,

What’s it been, nine months of amazing growth and length retention since the big chop? Nine months of consistent protective styling, of loving on your fro and nurturing those coils. You know that Evil Kermit meme about straightening your natural hair? He’s coming, wielding a flat iron and demanding you show off your length. Don’t listen!

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