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First of all…congratulations on making the decision to go natural! 👏🏽 Going natural isn’t an easy task and comes with many challenges. Nevertheless, going natural is so worth it for the overall health of your hair. Not to mention that being natural has a way of helping to renovate a deep level of […]

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Google Plus is dead and my current leave-in conditioner is Creme of Nature Moisture Recovery Leave-in Milk. Time’s have changed since this natural hair tag!

I’ve been tagged! *runs around in circles freaking out* Shout out to Yeka over at MyYeka for creating the tag and for nominating me. Thank you, lady! Y’all check out her site. Keep reading for my answers.

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6 years, this week! Here’s a throwback to my Year 5 retrospective.

18 months after going natural, a woman complemented me on my first ever twist out. I was over the moon all day. You couldn’t tell me nothin! I was ready to rock twist outs every single day, but of course my second try was nowhere near as bomb, and the travails of free hair checked […]

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When to do More or Less with Natural Hair



So, I recently discovered my ends covered in product buildup, which is highly unusual. When I identified the issue, it turned out to be a combination of being heavy handed with a new, heavier product and exercising more, which meant my usual wash regimen was not keeping up. Sometimes the problem is that I’m doing too much. Other times, not enough. From washing to trimming, here’s a shareable graphic with a few signs to look for when you need to do more or less with your natural hair.


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Dear Newly Natural Me: Let It (Combs) Go



Dear Newly Natural Me,

We need to talk about detangling.

You’ve tried three different shower/detangling/wide-tooth combs now, and all of them snag and break your strands. You’re only hanging on to the tool because it’s supposed to make the job faster and easier, but you painstakingly inch your way up from the ends, like they said to do in all those tutorials, and ten minutes later you still haven’t reached halfway up the hair shaft. Maybe if you get a seamless comb, or a denman, or emptied an entire bottle of conditioner on your head–stop! Let it go.

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Overwhelmed by Natural Hair


I think it’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed as a new natural. I’ve written before about information overload.

For a lot of us we traded in running combs through straight hair for figuring out how to untangle kinks and coils with just our fingers. We went from knowing our favorite brand of hair grease (and our momma’s momma’s favorite brand) to trying to figure out which ingredients to avoid. And how come our textures can’t all pull off the same hairstyles?

It’s a lot.

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