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New Growth: Believing


Perception Is Not Always Reality

I photoshopped the model’s big kinky hair over an image of myself. Copped her earrings too. I’d never fiddle with it for long and if anyone caught me daydreaming, I’d plead the fifth.

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Kindergarten Hair Disaster


Bad Hair Day

My kindergarten teacher said it looked cute. It did not. Everyone else thought it was funny. I showed up at school with half my hair in one of those bobble hair ties and the other half was a free, bushy mess. Imagine seeing a kid like that. You’d wonder how she managed to leave the house that way.

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REBLOG: What’s Wrong With You? – Meleey XO

I saved this post as soon as I read it the other day. Reading stories similar to my own has helped me articulate the contours of this thing called mental health. I’m sharing it because there are a lot of us that need to know we aren’t alone in our struggles. Please click through to read Melissa’s touching post on her experiences.

Hey guys, This is a very different and extremely personal post. But I feel that it is important for me to talk about my experience, maybe it might help someone else…

“What’s wrong with you?”

Four and a half years ago, I used to think completely differently to how I think now…

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New Growth: Knowledge Is the Power to Change


Feeling Something’s Wrong

There’s a Nigerian utterance for every mood and every occasion. On the occasion that my sadness turned to lethargy, my mom would describe my demeanor to me in one such utterance, which conveyed a sense that one lacked the energy to even be tired. Doo-wehn, doo-wehn, doo-wehn. Clearly, something was wrong, but I couldn’t remember the last time I wasn’t sad, so I continued the process of becoming a zombie.

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REBLOG: Lack-olades Hurt Too

KillerCatZiller beautifully makes the point that oftentimes what we might view as trivial attagirls–sometimes not even worth typing up or voicing–can be just the right amount of affirmation one needs to remember their value. Do also check out her site. She’s a wonderful writer.

While some may think fists are brute and weapons and knives sting like a snake’s bite, there will never be any force more dire than the power of words. I’ll avoid the clichés as much as possible (and I will probably fail), but if there is anything I want you to remember, hear this: You […]

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