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New Growth: Letting Go

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Burned Out

I knew I wanted it all gone. Big chop, no transition. I’d been relaxing my hair for years. It was time to let go.

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REPOST: Pantyhose is a Hair Accessory

Yes, pantyhose. Not to be confused with stockings. Oh, you didn’t know there was a difference between pantyhose and stockings? There is. We’re all learning together! The Puff’s Main Squeeze

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New Growth: I Define Enough


When is “Enough” Enough?

“Why do you want to cut off your hair? It’s not gonna grow any more than this.”

Determined as I was to prove the disparaging assertion wrong, the notion behind it lingered over the course of my natural hair journey. It was the notion that if I never grew my hair past a certain length, all my time and energy and effort would have been for nothing.

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New Growth: Knowledge Is the Power to Change


Feeling Something’s Wrong

There’s a Nigerian utterance for every mood and every occasion. On the occasion that my sadness turned to lethargy, my mom would describe my demeanor to me in one such utterance, which conveyed a sense that one lacked the energy to even be tired. Doo-wehn, doo-wehn, doo-wehn. Clearly, something was wrong, but I couldn’t remember the last time I wasn’t sad, so I continued the process of becoming a zombie.

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