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Living in Kimmaytube’s 10 Twist Bun

After seven years with natural hair, there’s not much to say about my hair care. And I love that stability, because it means most of what I’m doing is working for my lifestyle. But here I am, so what’s new?

Well, one fine spring not long ago it was time to ditch my cornrows and winter hats. I also happened to be Going Through It that year, and I wouldn’t have the time or patience to devote a lot of attention to a more involved regimen. I needed a protective style that was low maintenance, low manipulation, easy to remoisturize, detangle, and freshen up–and it had to look stylish, too.

The most recent addition to my roster of signature styles that’s been working for me is Kimmaytube’s 10 twist bun. It’s been almost 2 years living in these twists–11 twists, for me. Here’s my experience.

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In my defense, I had never worn a bun in my life, prior to going natural. Also, me and my baby fro really had no business, at that length, queuing up a bunch of how-to-bun videos on YouTube. But, what appealed to me about NaturalMe4C’s technique was that she didn’t have long wraparound hair at […]

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So, I recently discovered my ends covered in product buildup, which is highly unusual. When I identified the issue, it turned out to be a combination of being heavy handed with a new, heavier product and exercising more, which meant my usual wash regimen was not keeping up. Sometimes the problem is that I’m […]

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I can’t really speak to the pros and cons of protective styles with added hair. The last time I had extension braids in, I was the new girl in 3rd grade. So, here I’m addressing protective styles with just my own natural hair. And I’ve done twists (chunky, regular, mini), cornrows, and flat twists. But which […]

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New Growth: It’s Okay



I would’ve felt even better about going natural if there were more support around me.

But it wasn’t necessary.

It would’ve been easier if people close to me understood the purpose behind it.

But they didn’t need to.

Going natural was a reminder that it is okay to decide and do a thing for myself without being overly-concerned about how other people perceived it.

But we aren’t islands, as the saying goes…

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New Growth: Choosing Me


Self-Care Is Not Easy

When I’m sick, I don’t hesitate to reclaim as much of my time and energy as I can. It’s an automatic thing to prioritize my health over any other demands. Self-care should always be so effortless. It’s not that way for everyone.

For me, the everyday kind of self-care is like a muscle that that only gets stronger with consistent use–a type of resolve obtained only with lots of practice. It is a conscious exercise, not an automatic one, in choosing me over someone else.

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