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Beanies and Bangs

Image of various beanie hats styled on natural hair

It’s winter so that means hats, hats, and more hats! I love wearing protective styles and hats in the cold season. But, sometimes I want to hint that I’m not completely bald under there. How do I do that and stay warm? Beanies and bangs. Read on to see how.

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The Lull of Protective Styling


Setting and Forgetting

We’ve all fallen for the lull of protective styling. We put our hair away and sometimes put it out of mind altogether. Our easy, breezy routines turn to neglect, and dryness and buildup settle in for the duration. Then when it’s time to take down that style, we’re shocked to find excess matting, shedding, and breakage.

Protective styling is not a set it and forget it sort of thing, but laziness gets the best of all of us at one time or another. Here’s how to keep your hair in good condition while still enjoying a less demanding hair care routine.

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Taking a Holiday from Your Natural Hair


A Break from the Routine

Whether you’re frustrated with your natural hair journey, or you just find yourself too busy too keep up with your regular hair care routine, taking a break from your hair every now and then can be good for you and it.

Before you decide how to put your hair away, determine why you want to. Is it for recoup from damageĀ or length retention, added protection from this colder, drier weather, or just to reduce the time it takes to style every day?

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