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Dear Newly Natural Me: Information Overload is a Thing


Did you know I wrote a whole series for new naturals over on MyYeka.com? It’s in my sidebar and everything. Just in case you’re a regular reader here but had no idea I’m over there, too, I’ll be resharing all of the articles.

Information Overload is a Thing


Dear Newly Natural Me,

Ph balance, cuticles, shed hair versus broken hair, hygral fatigue–girl, if you don’t turn off your phone and go to bed you’re going to be fatigued all day. You’ve got one inch of hair and more information than you know what to do with it.

I know. You just found this other naturalista and she’s got a whole series on this other technique/style/product line that might be vital to the success of your natural hair journey. Plus she’s funny and photogenic! How photogenic do you think you’ll be on three hours of sleep?

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REBLOG: Top Tips for Natural Hair Wash Routine Made Easier – by SAVVYZONE

Saavyzone’s blog is chock full of great articles like this one. Tips, tools, product and routine breakdowns–she’s got you covered. I really like how clear and concise her articles are, and I always learn something useful.  Follow the link to check out her site!


Once you have established what day your (hair) wash routine will be on, there are some good effective practices to include in your routine that will further boost your natural hair health. So to reap further benefits for your hair, it is essential to keep an arsenal of reliable hair tools, and products which could consist […]

via Top Tips For Natural Hair Wash Routine : Made easier — SAVVYZONE


REBLOG: December Blog Challenge – Yeka

Yeka is one of my favorite bloggers, because she works hard at creating content and supporting other bloggers. She’s doing a month long blog post challenge. Props to her because it isn’t easy. Head over to see what she’ll be writing about this month and show her some love.

What better way to kiss 2017’s butt out than to reminisce on the amazing and not so amazing things that happened. This way we welcome the new year with a big heart ready to fill up with greater things than our expectations. This Blog Challenge is all of that. […]

via December Blog Challenge|Yeka — YeKa

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REBLOG: Use What Ya Got – Rowana Abbensetts

I very much relate to this post on building your latent skillsets and having them come together to create opportunity and positive change. It’s always an encouragement to see a lot of us making moves and seeing growth. Rowana was one of the first people I started following for self care and wellness and in that time she has created a magazine, had meetups, and professional collaborations–oh and she wrote a book. Click over to read the whole thing.

2017 has been good to me as an entrepreneur. I have had the opportunity to unlock new skills through quite a few amazing professional experiences. My favorite highlights would be meeting readers at the Spoken Black Girl Launch Party, doing PR and media coverage for the Miss Black USA Pageant, and representing SBG at my local health fair. I am grateful to the many venues and organizers who invited me to speak about mental health and self-care. It has been a year of service and transformation.

via Use What Ya Got: My Top 3 Self-Taught Skills for 2017

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REBLOG: What’s Wrong With You? – Meleey XO

I saved this post as soon as I read it the other day. Reading stories similar to my own has helped me articulate the contours of this thing called mental health. I’m sharing it because there are a lot of us that need to know we aren’t alone in our struggles. Please click through to read Melissa’s touching post on her experiences.

Hey guys, This is a very different and extremely personal post. But I feel that it is important for me to talk about my experience, maybe it might help someone else…

“What’s wrong with you?”

Four and a half years ago, I used to think completely differently to how I think now…

via What’s wrong with you? — Meleey xo


REBLOG: Waterfall Braid Tutorial on Natural Hair — KinkyDiyctator

I was super excited to find this tutorial, as I never thought of doing the waterfall braid on natural hair. But doesn’t hers look stunning? I’ve practiced a little bit on stretched hair (I don’t use heat anymore) and I think I’ll get the hang of it, yet! Click through to watch the video tutorial.



Hey guys. I recently straightened my hair with heat and tried out the waterfall braid, which I’ve been eyeing for a while and i worked out.

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REBLOG: Cranial Combustion – MikiAshanti

MikiAshanti is amazing and her poetry is powerful, covering a spectrum of social and cultural issues with incisive language and beautiful wordcraft. You read one poem and you want to read another and another. This one happens to be about our hair, and it is fire.

The womb wove a head of wool Placenta nourished that nappiness But before hand could even hold pencil Hair that could grip one was scorched By a well-meaning maternal match Scalp scalded and wounds weeping She is told to sit straight and relax Her mane complied with this command But her soul remained restless […]

via Cranial Combustion — MikiAshanti

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REBLOG: Lack-olades Hurt Too

KillerCatZiller beautifully makes the point that oftentimes what we might view as trivial attagirls–sometimes not even worth typing up or voicing–can be just the right amount of affirmation one needs to remember their value. Do also check out her site. She’s a wonderful writer.

While some may think fists are brute and weapons and knives sting like a snake’s bite, there will never be any force more dire than the power of words. I’ll avoid the clichés as much as possible (and I will probably fail), but if there is anything I want you to remember, hear this: You […]

via Lack-olades Hurt Too — YeKa


REBLOG: World Mental Health Day 2017 — OlenaRosanne

Yesterday was world mental health day, and OlenaRosanne wrote a wonderful post on the topic reminding me that the struggle is not always visible or obvious, and that’s why mindfulness of your own well being and others is so important. Please do check out her site for more.


Today is World Mental Health Day 2017. If you haven’t thought about the importance of your own mental health, or of others, today is the day to take time out and do so. Many of us have seen that random person on the street talking to themselves or heard about the person who committed some…

via World Mental Health Day 2017 — OlenaRosanne